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Create the perfect icon with our generator

In two clicks, create app and website icons that impress. Our icon generation tool will do the hard work for you.

Icon generation tool for iOS and Android

Create unique and vibrant icons for your mobile applications. All necessary sizes and formats for iOS and Android are supported.

Fast. Just. Qualitatively.

Save time on icon design with our icon generator. From uploading an image to completing the process in just a few clicks.

Always visible with our favicons

Make your site visible in the user's browser. Our generator will help you create a bright and memorable favicon.

Impress Chrome Apps Users

Create unique icons for your Chrome app that stand out and keep users coming back.

Instant Icon Generation

Don't waste time on complicated tools. Our icon generator allows you to create unique icons in the blink of an eye.

Service Capabilities

  • Generate icons of various sizes - The service allows you to automatically create icons of different sizes for various platforms (Android, iOS, PWA) and formats (PNG, WEBP, AVIF).
  • Automatic transparent background addition - If the original image is not square, the service adds transparent padding to create square icons.
  • Create zip archive - All generated icons are automatically added to a zip archive for convenient download.
  • Support for Android icons - Generation of icons for different dpi: ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi.
  • Support for iOS icons - Generation of icons for various sizes including icon-40, icon-60, icon-76, icon-120, and others.
  • Create favicon - Generation of favicon.ico for use on websites.
  • Conversion to WEBP and AVIF formats - Additional formats for better optimization and support on different devices.
  • Ease of use - User-friendly interface and the ability to quickly generate icons with a single click.

Service usage scenarios

  • A mobile app developer utilizes an icon generation service for Android to create a variety of icons in different sizes, suitable for various devices and resolutions. This ensures a high-quality and consistent appearance of the app across all devices.
  • A web developer creates a Chrome web app and utilizes an icon generation service for Chrome Web App to obtain icons in various sizes, including a toolbar icon, maintaining the app's style and identity.
  • A website owner aims to make their site recognizable on Apple devices. They utilize an icon generation service for iOS Favicon to create an icon that appears on the home screen of devices and in Safari bookmarks.
  • A designer is working on a project that needs to function across different platforms. They use an icon generation service to create a set of icons for Android, Chrome Web App, and iOS Favicon, ensuring a consistent style and functionality across all devices.
  • A development team releases an update to their application. Using an icon generation service, they update icons for Android, Chrome Web App, and iOS Favicon to reflect new features and design changes.
  • A new startup aims to establish a unique identity for their product. They use an icon generation service for Android, Chrome Web App, and iOS Favicon to obtain an iconic brand that reflects the company's values and style.
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